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Stalo žaidimas "Exploding Kittens"


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Prekės ženklas: Asmode

Amžius: nuo 7 metų

Kalba: Vokiečių


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4,25 €


21,27 €

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Žaidimo kalba: Vokiečių

Aprašymas anglų kalba:

A card game for lovers of cats and explosions and laser rays and ... of course goats! Exploding Kittens is a tactical version of Russian roulette - just with kittens instead of cartridges. Players draw cards in a row until one pulls an exploding kittens. The one explodes immediately, dies and separates – unless he has a card for defuse. With it, it can calm the kitten and stop it from exploding, for example with a laser pointer, catnip or through abdominal claws. All other cards serve only one purpose: to prevent you from pulling an exploding kittens.